Interactive Narrative, Digital Directors and Drama and Experience Managers

Publications pertinent to drama and experience manager architecture include: A Survey and Qualitative Analysis of Recent Advances in Drama Management by David L. Roberts and Charles L. Isbell, A Critical Review of Interactive Drama Systems by Maria Arinbjarnar, Heather Barber and Daniel Kudenko, A Computational Model of an Intelligent Narrator for Interactive Narratives by Nicolas Szilas and The Virtual Storyteller: Story Creation by Intelligent Agents by Mariët Theune, Sander Faas, D. K. J. Heylen and Anton Nijholt.

Publications pertinent to machine learning and drama and experience manager architecture include: Learning Director Agent Strategies: An Inductive Framework for Modeling Director Agents by Seung Y. Lee, Bradford W. Mott and James C. Lester and A Supervised Learning Framework for Modeling Director Agent Strategies in Educational Interactive Narrative by Seung Y. Lee, Jonathan P. Rowe, Bradford W. Mott and James C. Lester.

Publications pertinent to narrative generation, interactivity, emergent narrative and goal recognition include: Narrative Theory and Emergent Interactive Narrative by Sandy Louchart and Ruth Aylett, Theory and Technology for Computational Narrative: An Approach to Generative and Interactive Narrative with Bases in Algebraic Semiotics and Cognitive Linguistics by Douglas A. Harrell, Cognitive Models of Discourse Comprehension for Narrative Generation by James M. Niehaus, Anticipatory Guidance of Plot by Jarmo Laaksolahti and Magnus Boman, Proactive Mediation in Plan-based Narrative Environments by Justin Harris and R. Michael Young, Evaluating Preemptive Story Direction in the Interactive Drama Architecture by Brian Magerko, Experience Management Using Storyline Adaptation Strategies by Andrew S. Gordon and Nicholas V. Iuppa, Improving Goal Recognition in Interactive Narratives with Models of Narrative Discovery Events by Alok Baikadi, Jonathan P. Rowe, Bradford W. Mott and James C. Lester and Toward Narrative Schema-based Goal Recognition Models for Interactive Narrative Environments by Alok Baikadi, Jonathan P. Rowe, Bradford W. Mott and James C. Lester.

Publications pertinent to plot, character and interactive narrative include: AI Characters and Directors for Interactive Computer Games by Brian Magerko, John Laird, Mazin Assanie, Alex Kerfoot and Devvan Stokes, Towards Integrating Plot and Character for Interactive Drama by Michael Mateas and Andrew Stern, Narrative Generation: Balancing Plot and Character by Mark O. Riedl and R. Michael Young and Integrating Story-centric and Character-centric Processes for Authoring Interactive Drama by Mei Si, Stacy C. Marsella and Mark O. Riedl.


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