Natural Language Understanding and Education Technology

Publications pertinent to language technologies and education include: Language Technologies for Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Writing by Tak P. Lau, Shuai Wang, Yuanyuan Man, Chi Fai Yuen and Irwin King, Automated Writing Assessment in the Classroom by Mark Warschauer and Douglas Grimes, Handbook of Automated Essay Evaluation: Current Applications and New Directions edited by Mark D. Shermis and Jill Burstein, Computer‐assisted Language Testing by Ruslan Suvorov and Volker Hegelheimer, Technologies That Support Students’ Literacy Development by Carol M. Connor, Susan R. Goldman and Barry Fishman and Writeability: The Principles of Writing for Increased Comprehension by Edward B. Fry.

Publications pertinent to readability, rhetorical structure and cognitive linguistics include: Readability: A View from Cognitive Psychology by Walter Kintsch and James R. Miller, Coh-Metrix: Automated Cohesion and Coherence Scores to Predict Text Readability and Facilitate Comprehension by Danielle S. McNamara, Max M. Louwerse and Arthur C. Graesser, Coherence and Cohesion for the Assessment of Text Readability by Amalia Todirascu, Thomas François, Nuria Gala, Cédrick Fairon, Anne-Laure Ligozat and Delphine Bernhard, Variation in Language and Cohesion across Written and Spoken Registers by Max M. Louwerse, Philip M. McCarthy, Danielle S. McNamara and Arthur C. Graesser and Measuring the Inference Load of a Text by Susan Kemper.

Publications pertinent to the automatic assessment of mathematics exercises and proofs include: Automatic Assessment of Mathematics Exercises: Experiences and Future Prospects by Antti Rasila, Matti Harjula and Kai Zenger, Automatic Assessment of Problem-solving Skills in Mathematics by Cliff E. Beevers and Jane S. Paterson, Computer Aided Assessment of Mathematics by Chris Sangwin and Lurch: A Word Processor that Can Grade Students’ Proofs by Nathan C. Carter and Kenneth G. Monks.

Publications pertinent to the automatic assessment of argumentation include: Towards Automated Analysis of Student Arguments by Nancy L. Green, Foundations of Argumentative Text Processing by Pierre Coirier and Jerry Andriessen and Educational Technologies for Teaching Argumentation Skills by Niels Pinkwart and Bruce M. MacLaren.

Publications pertinent to evaluating the outputs of natural language generation include: Towards Evaluation in Natural Language Generation by Robert Dale and Chris Mellish, Evaluation in the Context of Natural Language Generation by Chris Mellish and Robert Dale and Comparing Automatic and Human Evaluation of NLG Systems by Anja Belz and Ehud Reiter.


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