Cognitive Architectures and Machine Learning

Publications pertinent to cognitive architectures and machine learning include: The Architecture of Cognition by John R. Anderson, The Study of Cognitive Architecture by Zenon Pylyshyn, The Role of Cognitive Architecture in Theories of Cognition by Zenon Pylyshyn, A Cognitive Science Based Machine Learning Architecture by Sidney K. D’Mello, Stan Franklin, Uma Ramamurthy and Bernard J. Baars, Unsupervised Learning in Hybrid Cognitive Architectures by Yury Vinokurov, Christian Lebiere, Dean Wyatte, Seth A. Herd and Randall C. O’Reilly, A Metacognitive Classifier Using a Hybrid ACT-R/Leabra Architecture by Yury Vinokurov, Christian Lebiere, Seth A. Herd and Randall C. O’Reilly, Discriminating Taxonomic Categories and Domains in Mental Simulations of Concepts of Varying Concreteness by Andrew J. Anderson, Brian Murphy and Massimo Poesio, Human EEG Uncovers Latent Generalizable Rule Structure during Learning by Anne G. Collins, James F. Cavanagh and Michael J. Frank, Finding Structure in Time by Jeffrey L. Elman, A Procedural Learning Mechanism for Novel Skill Acquisition by Sidney K. D’Mello, Uma Ramamurthy, Aregahegn Negatu and Stan Franklin, Extending the Computational Abilities of the Procedural Learning Mechanism in ACT-R by Wai-Tat Fu and John R. Anderson and Extending Cognitive Architectures with Semantic Resources by Alessandro Oltramari and Christian Lebiere.


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