Play, Development, Reasoning, Language, Mimesis and Education

Publications pertinent to play, evolution and development, include: Play: Its Role in Development and Evolution by Jerome S. Bruner, Alison Jolly and Kathy Sylva, Play and Exploration in Children and Animals by Thomas G. Power, The Role of Play in Human Development by Anthony D. Pellegrini, Play and Child Development by Joe L. Frost, Sue Clark Wortham and Robert Stuart Reifel, The Role of Pretend Play in Children’s Cognitive Development by Doris Bergen, Curiosity, Imagination, and Play: On the Development of Spontaneous Cognitive Motivational Processes by Dietmar Ed Görlitz and Joachim F. Wohlwill and On the Functions of Play and its Role in Behavioral Development by Paul Martin and Tim M. Caro.

In A Playworker’s Taxonomy of Play Types, Bob Hughes describes the types of play: communication, creative, deep, dramatic, exploratory, fantasy, imaginative, locomotor, mastery, object, recapitulative, role, rough and tumble, social, socio-dramatic and symbolic play. The National Institute for Play describes seven play types: attunement, body, object, social, imaginative, narrative and transformative play.

Publications pertinent to play and symbolic reasoning include: Facilitating Creative Thought through Object Play in Young Children by Susan L. Trostle and Thomas D. Yawkey, Pretend Play and Creative Processes by Sandra W. Russ and Claire E. Wallace, Development of Object Transformations in Early Pretend Play by Elaine R. Jackowitz and Malcolm W. Watson and Preschool Children’s use of Objects in Symbolic Play by Joy L. Elder and David R. Pederson, Play and the Acquisition of Symbols by Greta G. Fein and Toward Symbolic Functioning: Structure of Early Pretend Games and Potential Parallels with Language by Lorraine McCune-Nicolich.

Publications pertinent to play, socialization and language include: The Language of Social Pretend Play by Catherine Garvey and Thayer L. Kramer, The Collaborative Construction of Pretend: Social Pretend Play Functions by Carollee Howes, Olivia A. Unger and Catherine C. Matheson, Some Properties of Social Play by Catherine Garvey and The Social Psychology of Creativity by Teresa M. Amabile.

Publications pertinent to play, mimesis and narrative include: Child’s Play: Myth, Mimesis and Make-believe by Laurence R. Goldman, Mimesis: Where Play and Narrative Meet by Carol Fleisher Feldman, A Developmental Study of Children’s Construction of Stories by Nancy L. Stein and Christine G. Glenn, The Development of Structural Complexity in Children’s Fantasy Narratives by Gilbert J. Botvin and Brian Sutton-Smith, Developmental Structures in Fantasy Narratives by Brian Sutton-Smith, Gilbert J. Botvin and Daniel Mahony and Mimesis as Make-believe: On the Foundations of the Representational Arts by Kendall Walton.

Publications pertinent to play and education include: Play in Education by Joseph Lee, The Role of Play in the Development of Insightful Tool-using Strategies by Brian Vandenberg, Play, Problem‐solving, and Creativity by Brian Vandenberg and Play and Training in Direct and Innovative Problem Solving by Peter K. Smith and Susan Dutton.


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