Creativity, Groups and Organizations

Publications pertinent to creativity, groups and teams include: Creativity in Groups and Teams by Paul B. Paulus, Timothy S. Larey, and Mary T. Dzindolet, Team Innovation through Collaboration by Claudia A. Sacramento, M-W. Sophie Chang and Michael A. West, Creativity in Innovative Projects: How Teamwork Matters by Martin Hoegl and K. Praveen Parboteeah, Enhancing Ideational Creativity in Groups by Paul B. Paulus and Vincent R. Brown and Idea Generation in Groups: A Basis for Creativity in Organizations by Paul B. Paulus and Huei-Chuan Yang.

Publications pertinent to creativity and organizations include: Toward a Theory of Organizational Creativity by Richard W. Woodman, John E. Sawyer and Ricky W. Griffin, Innovation in Organizations: A Multi-level Perspective on Creativity by Michael D. Mumford and Samuel T. Hunter, Creativity and Innovation in Organizations by Teresa M. Amabile, Stimulating and Supporting Creativity in Organizations by Greg R. Oldham and Climate for Creativity: A Quantitative Review by Samuel T. Hunter, Katrina E. Bedell and Michael D. Mumford.

Publications pertinent to creativity and leadership include: Leadership in Research and Development Organizations: A Literature Review and Conceptual Framework by Teri Elkins and Robert T. Keller, Leadership and Performance Outcomes in Research Organizations: The Supervisor of Scientists as a Source of Assistance by J. Thad Barnowe, Leadership Recipes for Promoting Students’ Creativity by Kuan Chen Tsai, Leading Others to Think Innovatively Together: Creative Leadership by Min Basadur and Leadership Models, Methods, and Applications by Bruce J. Avolio, John J. Sosik, Dong I. Jung and Yair Berson.


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