The Cognitive Neuroscience and Development of Mathematical Reasoning

Publications pertinent to the cognitive neuroscience of mathematical reasoning include: Neural Foundations of Logical and Mathematical Cognition by Olivier Houdé and Nathalie Tzourio-Mazoyer, The Influence of Cognitive Abilities on Mathematical Problem Solving Performance by Abdulkadir Bahar, Different Components of Working Memory have Different Relationships with Different Mathematical Skills by Fiona R. Simmons, Catherine Willis, and Anne-Marie Adams, Working Memory and Mathematics: A Review of Developmental, Individual Difference, and Cognitive Approaches by Kimberly P. Raghubar, Marcia A. Barnes, and Steven A. Hecht, Learning to Think Mathematically: Problem Solving, Metacognition, and Sense Making in Mathematics by Alan H. Schoenfeld, Metacognition and Mathematics Strategy Use by Martha Carr, Joyce Alexander and Trisha Folds‐Bennett, Working Memory and Children’s Mathematical Skills: Implications for Mathematical Development and Mathematics Curricula by Joni Holmes and John W. Adams, Defining Mathematics Educational Neuroscience by Stephen R. Campbell and Educational Neuroscience: New Horizons for Research in Mathematics Education by Stephen R. Campbell.


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