The Cognitive Neuroscience, Evolution and Development of Attention, Working Memory, Visualization, Imagination, Planning, Tool Use, Language and Culture

Publications pertinent to the evolution and development of imagination include: The Evolution of Imagination: An Archaeological Perspective by Steven J. Mithen, The Evolution of the Creative Imagination by Paul Chatham Squires, On the Evolution of Imagination and Design by Thomas Suddendorf and Andy Dong, The Oxford Handbook of the Development of Imagination edited by Marjorie Taylor and Handbook of Imagination and Mental Simulation edited by Keith D. Markman, William M. P. Klein and Julie A. Suhr.

Publications pertinent to episodic memory and episodic future thinking and episodic foresight include: Elements of Episodic Memory by Endel Tulving, Three Forms of Consciousness in Retrieving Memories by Henry L. Roediger III, Suparna Rajaram and Lisa Geraci, The Evolution of Scenario Visualization and the Early Hominin Mind by Robert Arp, The Emergence of Episodic Future Thinking in Humans by Cristina M. Atance and Daniela K. O’Neill, The Development of Mental Scenario Building and Episodic Foresight by Thomas Suddendorf and Jonathan Redshaw, Imagination as Simulation: Aesthetics Meets Cognitive Science by Gregory Currie and Prospection: Experiencing the Future by Daniel T. Gilbert and Timothy D. Wilson.

Publications pertinent to memory, episodic future thought and to context include: Context is Everything: The Nature of Memory by Susan Engel, Contextual Processing in Episodic Future Thought by Karl K. Szpunar, Jason C. K. Chan and Kathleen B. McDermott, Visual Objects in Context by Moshe Bar and Cortico-hippocampal Interplay and the Representation of Contexts in the Brain by Robert Miller.

Publications pertinent to the cognitive neuroscience of memory and of imagination include: The Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory and Consciousness by Scott D. Slotnick and Daniel L. Schachter, The Cognitive Neuroscience of Constructive Memory: Remembering the Past and Imagining the Future by Daniel L. Schacter and Donna Rose Addis, Remembering Episodes: A Selective Role for the Hippocampus During Retrieval by Laura L. Eldridge, Barbara J. Knowlton, Christopher S. Furmanski, Susan Y. Bookheimer and Stephen A. Engel, The Role of the Hippocampus in Prediction and Imagination by Randy L. Buckner and Imagining the Future: Evidence for a Hippocampal Contribution to Constructive Processing by Brendan Gaesser, R. Nathan Spreng, Victoria C. McLelland, Donna Rose Addis and Daniel L. Schacter.

Publications pertinent to the cognitive neuroscience of visualization include: Storage of Features, Conjunctions, and Objects in Visual Working Memory by Edward K. Vogel, Geoffrey F. Woodman and Steven J. Luck, The Capacity of Visual Working Memory for Features and Conjunctions by Steven J. Luck and Edward K. Vogel, Visual Working Memory for Simple and Complex Visual Stimuli by Hing Yee Eng, Diyu Chen and Yuhong Jiang, Multi-voxel Patterns of Visual Category Representation during Episodic Encoding Are Predictive of Subsequent Memory by Brice A. Kuhl, Jesse Rissman and Anthony D. Wagner, Attention During Natural Vision Warps Semantic Representation Across the Human Brain by Tolga Çukur, Shinji Nishimoto, Alexander G. Huth and Jack L. Gallant and Voluntary and Automatic Attentional Control of Visual Working Memory by Brandon K. Schmidt, Edward K. Vogel, Geoffrey F. Woodman and Steven J. Luck.

Publications pertinent to the cognitive neuroscience of attention include: Interactions Between Attention and Working Memory by Edward Awh, Edward K. Vogel, and Sei-Hwan Oh, Control of Goal-directed and Stimulus-driven Attention in the Brain by Maurizio Corbetta and Gordon L. Shulman, The Attention System of the Human Brain by Michael I. Posner and Steven E. Petersen, Neuroimaging of Attention by Ronald A. Cohen, The Neuropsychology of Attention by Ronald A. Cohen, Yvonne A. Sparling-Cohen and Brian F. O’Donnell, Role of the Anterior Insula in Task-level Control and Focal Attention by Steven M. Nelson, Nico U. F. Dosenbach, Alexander L. Cohen, Mark E. Wheeler, Bradley L. Schlaggar, and Steven E. Petersen and A Critical Role for the Right Fronto-insular Cortex in Switching between Central-executive and Default-mode Networks by Devarajan Sridharan, Daniel J. Levitin, and Vinod Menon.

Publications pertinent to the evolution and neuroscience of executive functions, working memory, planning and reasoning include: On the Evolutionary Origins of Executive Functions by Alfredo Ardila, The Evolution of Working Memory by Fred L. Coolidge, Thomas Wynn and Karenleigh A. Overmann, Working Memory, its Executive Functions, and the Emergence of Modern Thinking by Frederick L. Coolidge and Thomas Wynn, Automatic and Effortful Processes in Memory by Lynn Hasher and Rose T. Zacks, The Neural Basis of the Central Executive System of Working Memory by Mark D’Esposito, John A. Detre, David C. Alsop, Robert K. Shin, Scott Atlas and Murray Grossman, Solving Future Problems: Default Network and Executive Activity Associated with Goal-directed Mental Simulations by Kathy D. Gerlach, R. Nathan Spreng, Adrian W. Gilmore and Daniel L. Schacter, Imagination, Planning, and Working Memory by Eric Reuland, Working Memory and Planning by Kenneth J. Gilhooly and Working Memory and Strategies in Reasoning by Kenneth J. Gilhooly.

Publications pertinent to the cognitive neuroscience of tool making and tool use include: The Evolutionary Neuroscience of Tool Making by Dietrich Stout and Thierry Chaminade, The Neural Bases of Complex Tool Use in Humans by Scott H. Johnson-Frey, Cognitive Representations of Tool-use Interactions by Cristina Massen, The Intelligent Use of Tools: Twenty Propositions by William C. McGrew, The Environments of our Hominin Ancestors, Tool-usage, and Scenario Visualization by Robert Arp and The Role of Play in the Development of Insightful Tool-using Strategies by Brian Vandenberg.

Publications pertinent to perceptual causality and causal reasoning include: Brain Mechanisms Underlying Perceptual Causality by Jonathan A. Fugelsang, Matthew E. Roser, Paul M. Corballis, Michael S. Gazzaniga and Kevin N. Dunbar, Brain-based Mechanisms Underlying Complex Causal Thinking by Jonathan A. Fugelsang and Kevin N. Dunbar, Brain-based Mechanisms Underlying Causal Reasoning by Jonathan A. Fugelsang and Kevin N. Dunbar, An fMRI Study of Causal Judgments by Ajay B. Satpute, Daniela B. Fenker, Michael R. Waldmann, Golnaz Tabibnia, Keith J. Holyoak and Matthew D. Lieberman and The Effects of Causal Cohesion on Comprehension and Memory by Janice M. Keenan, Susan D. Baillet and Polly Brown.

Publications pertinent to cognitive semantics, concepts and categories include: Toward a Cognitive Semantics by Leonard Talmy and A Continuous Semantic Space Describes the Representation of Thousands of Object and Action Categories across the Human Brain by Alexander G. Huth, Shinji Nishimoto, An T. Vu and Jack L. Gallant.

Publications pertinent to the neuroscience of analogical reasoning include: Analogical Reasoning in Working Memory: Resources Shared among Relational Integration, Interference Resolution, and Maintenance by Soohyun Cho, Keith J. Holyoak and Tyrone D. Cannon, Planning and Learning by Analogical Reasoning by Manuela M. Veloso, Analogical Priming via Semantic Relations by Barbara A. Spellman, Keith J. Holyoak and Robert G. Morrison, Relational Processing in Conceptual Combination and Analogy by Zachary Estes, Lara L. Jones, Robert Leech, Denis Mareschal and Richard P. Cooper, A System for Relational Reasoning in Human Prefrontal Cortex by James A. Waltz, Barbara J. Knowlton, Keith J. Holyoak, Kyle B. Boone, Fred S. Mishkin, Marcia de Menezes Santos, Carmen R. Thomas and Bruce L. Miller, Rostrolateral Prefrontal Cortex Involvement in Relational Integration During Reasoning by Kalina Christoff, Vivek Prabhakaran, Jennifer Dorfman, Zuo Zhao, James K. Kroger, Keith J. Holyoak and John D. E. Gabrieli, Recruitment of Anterior Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex in Human Reasoning: A Parametric Study of Relational Complexity by  James K. Kroger, Fred W. Sabb, Christina L. Fales, Susan Y. Bookheimer, Mark S. Cohen and Keith J. Holyoak and The Neural Substrate of Analogical Reasoning: An fMRI Study by Qian Luo, Conrad Perry, Danling Peng, Zhen Jin, Duo Xu, Guosheng Ding and Shiyong Xu.

Publications pertinent to the evolution and cognitive neuroscience of language include: Knowledge of Language: Its Nature, Origins, and Use by Noam Chomsky, The Evolution of Language by Martin A. Nowak and David C. Krakauer, Language Evolution edited by Morten H. Christiansen and Simon Kirby, Origins and Evolution of Language and Speech by Steven R. Harnad, Horst D. Steklis and Jane Ed Lancaster, The Cognitive Functions of Language by Peter Carruthers, Towards a Neural Basis of Auditory Sentence Processing by Angela D. Friederici, Neural Indicators of Inference Processes in Text Comprehension: An Event-related Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study by Uwe Friese, Roland Rutschmann, Markus Raabe and Franz Schmalhofer, The Role of Coherence and Cohesion in Text Comprehension: An Event-related fMRI Study by Evelyn C. Ferstl and D. Yves von Cramon, Making Sense of Discourse: An fMRI Study of Causal Inferencing across Sentences by Gina R. Kuperberg, Balaji M. Lakshmanan, David N. Caplan and Phillip J. Holcomb, Cortical Systems for Local and Global Integration in Discourse Comprehension by Giovanna Egidi and Alfonso Caramazza and The Cortical Representation of Speech by Bernard M. Mazoyer, Nathalie Tzourio, Victor Frak, Andre Syrota, N. Murayama, Olivier Levrier, Georges Salamon, Stanislas Dehaene, Laurent Cohen and Jacques Mehler.

Publications pertinent to the origins and evolution of culture include: Tools, Language and Cognition in Human Evolution edited by Kathleen R. Gibson and Tim Ingold, Origins of the Modern Mind: Three Stages in the Evolution of Culture and Cognition by Merlin Donald, Evolution and Culture by Stephen C. Levinson and Pierre Jaisson, Pattern and Process in Cultural Evolution edited by Stephen Shennan, The Origin and Evolution of Culture and Creativity by Liane Gabora, Meme and Variations: A Computational Model of Cultural Evolution by Liane Gabora and The Cultural Evolution of Civilizations by Kent V. Flannery.


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