Computational Linguistics and Graphics Card Hardware

Publications pertinent to speech recognition and natural language processing on graphics card hardware include: Data-parallel Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition on Graphics Processors by Jike Chong, Youngmin Yi, Arlo Faria, Nadathur Satish and Kurt Keutzer, Harnessing Graphics Processors for the Fast Computation of Acoustic Likelihoods in Speech Recognition by Paul R. Dixon, Tasuku Oonishi and Sadaoki Furui, Efficient Automatic Speech Recognition on the GPU by Jike Chong, Ekaterina Gonina and Kurt Keutzer and Natural Language Multiprocessing: A Case Study by Enrico Pontelli, Gopal Gupta, Janyce Wiebe and David Farwell.

Publications pertinent to computer lexicons, machine-utilizable lexicons, conceptual and semiotic lexicons and lexical knowledgebases include: A Theory of Lexical Access in Speech Production by Willem J. M. Levelt, Lexicalization Patterns: Semantic Structure in Lexical Forms by Leonard Talmy, Concept-based Lexical Selection by Bonnie Dorr, Clare Voss, Eric Peterson and Michael Kiker, How to Realize a Concept: Lexical Selection and the Conceptual Network in Text Generation by Norman Sondheimer, Susanna Cumming and Robert Albano, Semantic Lexicons: The Cornerstone for Lexical Choice in Natural Language Generation by Evelyne Viegast and Pierrette Bouillon, Generating Language with a Phrasal Lexicon by Eduard H. Hovy, Lexical Knowledge for Natural Language Generation by Philip Edmonds and Lexicalization in Natural Language Generation: A Survey by Manfred Stede.

Publications pertinent to planning-based natural language generation, with parallel planning on the graphics card discussed at Planning, Logic Programming and Graphics Card Hardware, include: Building Natural Language Generation Systems by Ehud Reiter and Robert Dale and Natural Language Generation from Plans by Chris Mellish and Roger Evans.

Publications pertinent to audio rendering on graphics cards include: Using Programmable Graphics Hardware for Acoustics and Audio Rendering by Nicolas Tsingos, Wenyu Jiang and Ian Williams and Using Programmable Graphics Hardware for Auralization by Nicolas Tsingos.


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