Multimedia and Instructional Design

Publications pertinent to multimedia learning, instructional design and cognition include: Multimedia Learning by Richard E. Mayer, A Cognitive Approach to Instructional Design for Multimedia Learning by Stephen D. Sorden, Multimedia Instructional Design Corresponded to Cognitive Psychology by Hongjuan Zhang, Yunxia Wang, Baohua Zhao, Guijie Li and Yongjian Lou, Cognitive Architecture and Instructional Design by John Sweller, Jeroen J. Van Merrienboer and Fred Paas, Cognitive Load Theory and Instructional Design: Recent Developments by Fred Paas, Alexander Renkl and John Sweller, Cognitive Load in Interactive Knowledge Construction by Ludo Verhoeven, Wolfgang Schnotz and Fred Paas and Neuroimaging of Cognitive Load in Instructional Multimedia by Robert R. Whelan.

Publications pertinent to text, diagrams and multimedia include: On Functions of Pictures in Prose by Joel R. Levin, Charts, Graphs, and Diagrams in Educational Materials by Bill Winn, A Taxonomy of Relationships between Images and Text by Emily E. Marsh and Marilyn Domas White, On Empirically Validating Functions of Pictures in Prose by Joel R. Levin, Gary J. Anglin and Russell N. Carney, Successful Instructional Diagrams by Richard K. Lowe, Effects of Text Illustrations: A Review of Research by W. Howard Levie and Richard Lentz, Comprehension of Illustrated Text: Pictures Help to Build Mental Models by Arthur M. Glenberg and William E. Langston, Constructing a Mental Representation from an Abstract Technical Diagram by Richard K. Lowe, Learning from Text with Diagrams: Promoting Mental Model Development and Inference Generation by Kirsten R. Butcher, Search Strategies and Inference in the Exploration of Scientific Diagrams by Richard K. Lowe, An Integrated Model of Text and Picture Comprehension by Wolfgang Schnotz, Knowledge Acquisition from Text and Pictures by Heinz Mandl and Joel R. Levin, Understanding Natural Language with Diagrams by Gordon S. Novak and William C. Bulko, Contextualized Text Explanations for Visualizations by Wallace Chigona and Thomas Strothotte, Consistency of Rendered Images and Their Textual Labels by Bernhard Preim, Alf Ritter, Thomas Strothotte, Tilo Pohle, Lyn Bartram and David R. Forsey, Interaction and Focus: Towards a Coherent Degree of Detail in Graphics, Captions and Text by Knut Hartmann, Antonio Krüger, Stefan Schlechtweg and Ralf Helbing, Instructional Animation Versus Static Pictures: A Meta-analysis by Tim N. Höffler and Detlev Leutner, Extracting Information from an Animation during Complex Visual Learning by Richard K. Lowe, Interrogation of a Dynamic Visualization during Learning by Richard K. Lowe, Coherent Zooming of Illustrations with 3D-graphics and Text by Bernhard Preim, Andreas Raab and Thomas Strothotte and An Evaluation of Interaction Techniques for the Exploration of 3D-Illustrations by Ian Pitt, Bernhard Preim and Stefan Schlechtweg.

Publications pertinent to generating multimedia documents include: Generating Scientific Illustrations in Digital Books by Stefan Schlechtweg and Thomas Strothotte, Knowledge-supported Graphical Illustration of Texts by Knut Hartmann, Stefan Schlechtweg, Ralf Helbing and Thomas Strothotte, Towards Constructive Text, Diagram, and Layout Generation for Information Presentation by John Bateman, Thomas Kamps, Jörg Kleinz and Klaus Reichenberger, Plan-based Integration of Natural Language and Graphics Generation by Wolfgang Wahlster, Elisabeth André, Wolfgang Finkler, Hans-Jürgen Profitlich and Thomas Rist, The Design of Illustrated Documents as a Planning Task by Elisabeth André and Thomas Rist, Automatic Design of Multimodal Presentations by Wolfgang Wahlster, Creating Meaningful Multimedia Presentations by Lynda Hardman and Jacco van Ossenbruggen, The Generation of Multimedia Presentations by Elisabeth André and Generating Multimedia Presentations from Plain Text to Screenplay by Paul Piwek, Richard Power, Donia Scott and Kees Van Deemter.

Publications pertinent to models of narrative and screenplays include: Towards a Cinematically Enhanced Narrative by Alejandro Ramírez, Use of Ontologies for Knowledge Representation of a Film Scene by Yannis Christodoulou, Nikoletta Mavrogeorgi and Petros Kalogirou, 3D Scene Creation Using Story-based Descriptions by Xin Zeng, Quasim H. Mehdi and Norman E. Gough, Shape of the Story: Story Visualization Techniques by Xin Zeng, Quasim H. Mehdi, Norman E. Gough and From Visual Semantic Parameterization to Graphic Visualization by Xin Zeng, Quasim H. Mehdi and Norman E. Gough.

Publications pertinent to motion pictures and generating educational screenplays include: Narrative Screenwriting for Educational Television: A Framework by Jack Koumi, Designing Video and Multimedia for Open and Flexible Learning by Jack Koumi, An Historical Analysis of Form, Style, and Instructional Design in Teaching Films by Barbara Erdman, Interactive Documentary: A Production Model for Nonfiction Multimedia Narratives by Insook Choi, Rhetorical Patterns for Adaptive Video Documentaries by Cesare Rocchi and Massimo Zancanaro, Cinematic Discourse Generation by Arnav Jhala, Cinematic Visual Discourse: Representation, Generation, and Evaluation by Arnav Jhala and R. Michael Young, Comparing Effects of Different Cinematic Visualization Strategies on Viewer Comprehension by Arnav Jhala and R. Michael Young and Effects of Televised Lecture Presentation Styles on Student Learning by Carolyn A. Lin and Kent W. Creswell.


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