Attention, Relevance, Salience, Interest and Comprehension in Natural Language Generation and Reading

Publications pertinent to attention include: Attention, Intentions, and the Structure of Discourse by Barbara Grosz and Candace Sidner, Focusing and Discourse by Candace Sidner, Centering Attention in Discourse by Susan E. Brennana, Toward a Model of the Interaction of Centering with Global Discourse Structure by Marilyn A. Walker and Modeling the Influence of Task on Attention by Vidhya Navalpakkam and Laurent Itti.

Publications pertinent to relevance include: Relevance Assignment in Discourse Comprehension by Teun A. van Dijk, Linguistic Form and Relevance by Deirdre Wilson and Dan Sperber, Relevance: Communication and Cognition by Dan Sperber and Deirdre Wilson, Relevance, Rhetoric, and Argumentation: A Cross-disciplinary Inquiry into Patterns of Thinking and Information Structures by Xiaoli Huang, Relevance Relationships by Carol A. Bean and Rebecca Green, Topical Relevance in Argumentation by Doug N. Walton and Topicality Reconsidered: A Multidisciplinary Inquiry into Topical Relevance Relationships by Xiaoli Huang.

Publications pertinent to salience include: Aspects of Salience in Natural Language Generation by Thiyagarajasarma Pattabhiraman, Selection: Salience, Relevance and the Coupling between Domain-level Tasks and Text Planning by Thiyagarajasarma Pattabhiraman and Nick Cercone, The Mental Salience Framework: Context-adequate Generation of Referring Expressions by Christian Chiarcos and Saliency and the Attentional State in Natural Language Generation by Chris Reed.

Publications pertinent to interest include: The Four-Phase Model of Interest Development by Suzanne Hidi and K. Ann Renninger, Sources of Situational Interest by Gregory Schraw, Roger Bruning, and Carla Svoboda, Situational Interest and its Impact on Reading and Expository Writing by Suzanne Hidi and Valerie Anderson, The Effects of Readers’ Goals on Inference Generation and Memory for Texts by Paul van den Broek, Robert F. Lorch, Tracy Linderholm and Mary Gustafson, Interest, Inferences, and Learning from Texts by Virginia Clinton and Paul van den Broek, Exploring the Nature of the Relation between Interest and Comprehension by Tan B. Tin, The Effects of Text-based Interest on Attention and Recall by Mark A. McDaniel, Paula J. Waddill, Kraig Finstad and Tammy Bourg, Effect of Interest on Attention and Learning by Larry L. Shirey and Ralph E. Reynolds, Topic Interest, Text Representation, and Quality of Experience by Ulrich Schiefele, Interest, Learning, and Motivation by Ulrich Schiefele, Strategies for Stimulating the Motivation to Learn by John M. Keller, Stimulating Curiosity to Enhance Learning by Graham Pluck and Helen L. Johnson, Using Instructional Design Strategies to Foster Curiosity by Marilyn P. Arnone and Strategies for Increasing Text-based Interest and Students’ Recall of Expository Texts by Suzanne Hidi and William Baird.


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