Context and Meaning in Natural Language Generation and Reading

Publications pertinent to context, rhetorical structure and natural language generation include: Role of Rhetorical Structure in Text Comprehension by Walter Kintsch and Craig J. Yarbrough, Strategies of Discourse Comprehension by Teun A. van Dijk and Walter Kintsch, Toward a Model of Text Comprehension and Production by Walter Kintsch and Teun A. van Dijk, Comprehending Verbal Comprehension by Robert J. Sternberg and Janet S. Powell, Representing Discourse Information for Spoken Dialogue Generation by Mark Steedman, Discourse Structure and the Structure of Context by Hans Kamp, Context-dependence in the Analysis of Linguistic Meaning by Hans Kamp and Barbara H. Partee, Semantic and Pragmatic Sources of Coherence: On the Categorization of Coherence Relations in Context by Ted Sanders, Pragmatics and Natural Language Generation by Eduard H. Hovy, Context Modeling and the Generation of Spoken Discourse by Kees van Deemter and Jan Odijk and Formal and Computational Models of Context for Natural Language Generation by Kees van Deemter and Jan Odijk.

Publications pertinent to paragraph structure include: Understanding Paragraph Structure by Maurice Williams and Virginia M. R. Stevens, Comprehension and Recall of Text as a Function of Content Variables by Walter Kintsch, Eli Kozminsky, William J. Streby, Gail McKoon and Janice M. Keenan, and Expository Paragraph Properties that Influence Literal Recall by Mark W. Aulls.

Publications pertinent to context, sentence and phrase structure include: Text Structure and Reading Time for Sentences by Randolph K. Cirilo and Donald J. Foss, Facilitating Reading Comprehension through Text Structure Manipulation by Jana M. Mason and Janet R. Kendall, Sentence Structure and Retention in Good and Poor Readers by Rhona Weinstein and M. Sam Rabinovitch, The Effects of Text Manipulation and Multiple Reading Strategies on the Reading Performance of Good and Poor Readers by Nancy E. Taylor, Margaret R. Wade and Frank R. Yekovich, Reading Rate and Retention as a Function of the Number of Propositions in the Base Structure of Sentences by Walter Kintsch and Janice M. Keenan, The Role of Phrase Structure in the Recall of Meaningful Verbal Material by Jeremy M. Anglin and George A. Miller.

Publications pertinent to context, paraphrases and textual entailment include: Context and Discourse in Textual Entailment Inference by Shachar Mirkin, Using Discourse Information for Paraphrase Extraction by Michaela Regneri and Rui Wang, Ranking Paraphrases in Context by Stefan Thater, Recognising Entailment within Discourse by Shachar Mirkin, Jonathan Berant, Ido Dagan and Eyal Shnarch, A Survey of Paraphrasing and Textual Entailment Methods by Ion Androutsopoulos and Prodromos Malakasiotis, Georgiana Dinu and Manfred Pinkal, Contextually Relevant Aspects of Meaning by Gail McKoon and Roger Ratcliff and Paraphrase and Textual Entailment Recognition and Generation by Prodromos Malakasiotis.

Publications pertinent to context, lexical disambiguation and inference include: Lexical Disambiguation in a Discourse Context by Nicholas Asher and Alex Lascaridesy, Effects of Prior Context upon the Integration of Lexical Information during Sentence Processing by Helen S. Cairns, Wayne Cowart and Ann D. Jablon, The Semantics and Pragmatics of Polysemy: A Relevance-theoretic Account by Ingrid L. Falkum, Anchoring Comprehension in Linguistic Precedents by Dale J. Barr and Boaz Keysar and Lexical Entrainment in Spontaneous Dialog by Susan E. Brennan.

Publications pertinent to vocabulary learning and acquisition include: Learning Word Meanings from Context during Normal Reading by William E. Nagy, Richard C. Anderson and Patricia A. Herman, The Acquisition of Word Meanings: A Developmental Study by Heinz Werner and Edith Kaplan, Learning Vocabulary through Reading by Joseph R Jenkins, Marcy L Stein and Katherine Wysocki and Most Vocabulary is Learned from Context by Robert J. Sternberg.

Publications pertinent to context and lexical choice in natural language generation include: Lexical Choice Lexical Preferences by Ehud Reiter, Lexical Choice Criteria in Language Generation by Manfred Stede, Conceptual Pacts and Lexical Choice in Conversation by Susan E. Brennan and Herbert H. Clark, Contextual Influences on Near-synonym Choice by Ehud Reiter and Somayajulu Sripada, Near-synonymy and Lexical Choice by Philip Edmonds and Graeme Hirst, The Pragmatics of Lexical Specificity by Dan A. Cruse, Semantic Lexicons: The Cornerstone for Lexical Choice in Natural Language Generation by Evelyne Viegast and Pierrette Bouillon, Generating Language with a Phrasal Lexicon by Eduard H. Hovy, Lexical Knowledge for Natural Language Generation by Philip Edmonds and Lexicalization in Natural Language Generation: A Survey by Manfred Stede.


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