Modeling the Structure of Rhetoric, Discourse and Argumentation

Publications pertinent to rhetorical structure theory and the modeling of discourse include: Rhetorical Structure Theory: A Theory of Text Organization by William C. Mann and Sandra A. Thompson, Semantic Discourse Analysis by Teun van Dijk, Attention, Intentions, and the Structure of Discourse by Barbara Grosz and Candace Sidner, Semantic and Pragmatic Sources of Coherence: On the Categorization of Coherence Relations in Context by Ted Sanders, Representing Discourse Coherence: A Corpus-Based Study by Florian Wolf and Edward Gibson and Discourse Structure and the Structure of Context by Hans Kamp. Additionally, a rhetorical structure theory bibliography is available at: .

Publications pertinent to rhetorical structure theory, in the context of argumentation, include: Argumentative Text as Rhetorical Structure: An Application of Rhetorical Structure Theory by Moshe Azar, Dialectics and the Macrostructure of Arguments: A Theory of Argument Structure by James B. Freeman, Representation of Argumentation in Text with Rhetorical Structure Theory by Nancy L. Green and Towards a Framework for Rhetorical Argumentation by Floriana Grasso.

Some topics in the modeling of rhetoric and argumentation are discussed in: Parameters for Rhetorical Structure Theory Ontology by Nick Nicholas.


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