Computational Linguistics and Sentiment

Publications pertinent to sentiment analysis include: Determining the Sentiment of Opinions by Soo-Min Kim and Eduard Hovy, Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis by Bo Pang and Lillian Lee, Sentiment Analysis and Subjectivity by Bing Liu, Affect Detection: An Interdisciplinary Review of Models, Methods, and their Applications by Rafael A. Calvo and Sidney D’Mello, Affective Computing and Sentiment Analysis: Metaphor, Ontology, Affect and Terminology edited by Khurshid Ahmad, Vocabulary Choice as an Indicator of Perspective by Beata Beigman Klebanov, Eyal Beigman and Daniel Diermeier, Subjectivity Word Sense Disambiguation by Cem Akkaya, Janyce Wiebe and Rada Mihalcea, Improving the Impact of Subjectivity Word Sense Disambiguation on Contextual Opinion Analysis by Cem Akkaya, Janyce Wiebe, Alexander Conrad and Rada Mihalcea, More than Words: Syntactic Packaging and Implicit Sentiment by Stephan Greene and Philip Resnik, Identifying and Classifying Subjective Claims by Namhee Kwon, Eduard Hovy, Liang Zhou and Stuart Shulman, Sentiment Analysis of Figurative Language Using a Word Sense Disambiguation Approach by Vassiliki Rentoumi, George Giannakopoulos, Vangelis Karkaletsis and George A. Vouros, Sentiment Analysis of Metaphorical Language by Rentoumi Vassiliki, Discourse-level Relations for Opinion Analysis by Swapna Somasundaran, Discourse Structure and Sentiment by Livia Polanyi and Martin van den Berg, Categorizing Opinion in Discourse by Nicholas Asher, Farah Benamara and Yvette Yannick Mathieu and Multi-level Structured Models for Document-level Sentiment Classification by Ainur Yessenalina, Yisong Yue and Claire Cardie.


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