Computational Linguistics and Prosody

Publications pertinent to prosody, in the context of natural language generation and speech synthesis, include: Using Prosody to Avoid Ambiguity: Effects of Speaker Awareness and Referential Context by Jesse Snedeker and John Trueswell, The Prosody of Algebra and the Algebra of Prosody: Prosodic Disambiguation of Read Mathematical Formulae by Michael Phelan, Didactic Prosody and Notetaking in L1 and L2 by Martine Faraco, Tsuyoshi Kida, Marie-Laure Barbier and Annie Piolat and Perception of Spontaneous Narrative Structure by Miguel Oliveira, Regina Cruz and Ebson Wilkerson Silva, Prosody in the Comprehension of Spoken Language: A Literature Review by Anne Cutler, Delphine Dahan and Wilma van Donselaar and Discourse Structure and Information Structure: Interfaces and Prosodic Realization by Ekaterina Jasinskaja, Jörg Mayer and David Schlangen.

Publications pertinent to prosody, in the context of speech transcription, speech recognition and natural language understanding, include: PROSOTRAN: A Tool to Annotate Prosodically Non-standard Data by Katarina Bartkova, Elisabeth Delais-Roussarie and Fabian Santiago-Vargas and Prosody and Speech Recognition by Alex Waibel.


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