Computational Linguistics and Explanation

Publications pertinent to computational linguistics and explanation include: Explanation, Justification and Argumentation in Mathematics Classrooms by Erna Yackel, An Analysis of Explanation Structures for Answering Complex Questions by Sarah Bourse and Patrick Saint-Dizier, Argumentation in Explanations to Logical Problems by Armin Fiedler and Helmut Horacek, Dialog-driven Adaptation of Explanations of Proofs by Armin Fiedler, Informing and Explaining Skills: Theory and Research on Informative Communication by Katherine E. Rowan, Expository Text by Charles A. Weaver and Walter Kintsch, The Rhetoric of Explanation by Robert J. Connors, Explanation and Dialogue by Nigel Gilbert, Adapting Language Production to Listener Feedback Behaviour by Hendrik Buschmeier and Stefan Kopp, A Reactive Approach to Explanation: Taking the User’s Feedback into Account by Johanna D. Moore and William R. Swartout, Generating Explanations in Context: The System Perspective by Vibhu O. Mittal and Cécile L. Paris, Generating Explanatory Discourse by Alison Cawsey, Language Generation and Explanation by Kathleen R. McKeown and William R. Swartout and An Analysis of Explanation and its Implications for the Design of Explanation Planners by Daniel D. Suthers.

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