Computational Linguistics and Argumentation

Publications pertinent to the generation of natural language, including argumentation, with regard to pragmatics, affect, education, and adaptation include: Pragmatics and Natural Language Generation by Eduard Hovy, Generating Natural Language under Pragmatic Constraints by Eduard Hovy, Discourse Studies and Education by Teun van Dijk, Models of Argumentation in Educational Discourse by Richard Andrews, Generating Arguments in Natural Language by Chris Reed, Affective Natural Language Generation by Fiorella de Rosis and Floriana Grasso, Dynamics of Affective States during Complex Learning by Sidney D’Mello and Arthur Graesser, and Adapting Language Production to Listener Feedback Behaviour by Hendrik Buschmeier and Stefan Kopp.

Publications pertinent to the processing of natural language, rhetoric and discourse, include: Pragmatics and Natural Language Processing by Eduard Hovy, Context-Dependence in the Analysis of Linguistic Meaning by Hans Kamp, The Rhetorical Parsing of Natural Language Texts by Daniel Marcu, Linguistic Structure Prediction by Noah Smith and End-to-End Discourse Parse using Cascaded Structured Prediction by Sucheta Ghosh.


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