Natural Language Generation, Reading Speed, Comprehension and Retention

Publications pertinent to reading speed, comprehension and retention, applicable to the natural language generation of both written and spoken language, include: Designing Instructional and Informational Text by James Hartley, Characterizing Reading Comprehension of Mathematical Texts by Magnus Österholm, Cognition, Metacognition, and Reading by Donna-Lynn Forrest-Pressley and Thomas G. Waller, Understanding Reading: A Psycholinguistic Analysis of Reading and Learning to Read by Frank Smith, The Acquisition of Reading Comprehension Skill by Charles A, Perfetti, Nicole Landi and Jane Oakhill, The Relationship between Listening and Reading Comprehension of Different Types of Text at Increasing Grade Levels by Irena-Anna N. Diakidoy, Polyxeni Stylianou, Christina Karefillidou, Panayiota Papageorgiou, The Relation of Reading Comprehension and Retention to Hearing Comprehension and Retention by William E. Young, Toward a Model of Text Comprehension and Production by Walter Kintsch and Teun A. van Dijk, Strategies of Discourse Comprehension by Teun A. van Dijk and Walter Kintsch, Role of Rhetorical Structure in Text Comprehension by Walter Kintsch and Craig J. Yarbrough, Comprehension and Recall of Text as a Function of Content Variables by Walter Kintsch, Eli Kozminsky, William J. Streby, Gail McKoon and Janice M. Keenan, Text Structure and Reading Time for Sentences by Randolph K. Cirilo and Donald J. Foss, The Effects of Text Manipulation and Multiple Reading Strategies on the Reading Performance of Good and Poor Readers by Nancy E. Taylor, Margaret R. Wade and Frank R. Yekovich, Facilitating Reading Comprehension through Text Structure Manipulation by Jana M. Mason and Janet R. Kendall, Reading Rate and Retention as a Function of the Number of Propositions in the Base Structure of Sentences by Walter Kintsch and Janice M. Keenan and The Role of Phrase Structure in the Recall of Meaningful Verbal Material by Jeremy M. Anglin and George A. Miller.

Publications pertinent to hypertext generation include: Integrating Natural Language Generation and Hypertext to Produce Dynamic Documents by Robert Dale, Jon Oberlander, Maria Milosavljevic and Alistair Knott, Generating User-Adapted Hypermedia from Discourse Plans by Berardina De Carolis, Fiorella de Rosis and Sebastiano Pizzutilo, Reading Strategies and Hypertext Comprehension by Ladislao Salmeron, Jose J. Canas, Walter Kintsch and Inmaculada Fajardo and Learning from Hypertext: Research Issues and Findings by Amy Shapiro and Dale Niederhauser.


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